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Having an interior design customized for your home

Turning your home into a comfortable home is something almost anyone can do. However, if you desire more and strive for a sophisticated and tasteful interior that reflects your personality and style, you can hire an interior designer.

With the help of an interior designer, it is possible to create a living space that perfectly matches your interests and individual style. An interior designer can help you bring your vision to life and create a home that is both beautiful and functional. 

In fact, an interior designer also looks at other aspects of your home, such as acoustics and possible improvements in comfort through new technologies. While she provides practical solutions, she ensures that you do invest in the future. By helping you think about the best value for money for each investment and making sure you don't incur unnecessary or duplicate costs.

Therefore, the right interior design can make all the difference and make your home a place of comfort and beauty. 

The basics: your needs and wants

We do interior design based on your needs and desires, creating a unique space that meets all your requirements. The Finest takes the time to understand your vision and then develop a plan to bring that vision to life. 

Our experience allows us to create a space tailored to your style and lifestyle, with an eye for detail and an understanding of the most current trends. From furniture selection and layout, to paint, fabric and material selection, we ensure that your vision is reflected in the end result. With our creative and professional approach, we provide interior customization so that your home is truly unique. 

The analysis of space

Together, we analyze your home to ensure an interior design that makes the most of the available space. We look at every aspect of your home and highlight its architectural assets. In order to create a unique, functional and stylish interior design that you can enjoy for years to come.

Choosing the right colors

An interior designer will consider the size of the room, natural and artificial lighting, and possibly the color of existing furniture and flooring. Do you have artifacts that require a prominent place in the room? Or rugs that you would like to display? If so, be sure to include these. They largely determine the choice of colors.

To create the desired atmosphere, we choose a neutral color as a base, which we will complement with lighter and darker shades and with complementary colors to create contrast and balance. The result should be a harmonious whole.

Selecting the perfect furniture

In the interior design, we will incorporate furniture pieces that fit perfectly into the existing space and complement it. By taking into account both comfort and aesthetics, we create a cohesive and beautiful interior. 

Ultimately, having custom cabinets made can make any room look spectacular. With custom-made furniture, you are not only in the right place aesthetically. It also ensures the functional aspect, which is at least as important - making maximum use of the available space. 

This is only possible with custom-made furniture, which is what distinguishes custom furniture from standard furniture.

Different textures and materials

When creating your interior design, we at The Finest also consider different textures and materials to bring the space to life. By combining elements such as wood, metal, textiles and ceramics, we can create a visual effect that adds depth and relief to the room. Thus, we get not only a visual, but also a tactile effect that makes the room even more interesting. For example, combining hardwood floors with soft, plush flooring can create a cozy environment. While an abundance of glass and steel can reflect a more modern, industrial atmosphere.

Moreover, textures can also be used to draw attention to specific elements, such as a stone wall, or to hide flaws or downsides. 

An interior designer and an experienced contractor

If you would like the assistance of a professional to make your home a home, know that Heidi, interior designer at The Finest can provide you with the interior design that reflects your personality and adds value to your investment. 

Together with her partner Joost, an experienced contractor, she can not only depict the dream, but also make it a reality. Their dedication to the highest quality standards and attention to detail ensures that you will always be satisfied with the results. 

So be sure to get in touch, for a free consultation and a first step to the Finest Result.